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More on INFOLINKS.COM - In-Text Advertising - Get Paid To

Make money through the TEXT that you write!!! How cool is that? Website owners who are sick of having to use up their web page real estate, this is the ideal solution!

From their site:

What is the special “Infolinks Highest Revenue Share Guarantee”?
As a leading provider of In-Text Advertising worldwide, we are so confident that Infolinks will increase your advertising revenues, that we actually guarantee the industry’s highest revenue share in your contract.

This is by far the coolest next generation of In-Text Advertising. It's so easy to setup seriously! All you do is stick a piece of code in the your HTML and wham... they do the rest on finding significant words to highlight and link to.

I absolutely love it because it does not clutter your pages up with ads! It uses your existing text! You don't have to do anything! I wrote this blog before I started using Infolinks and they did the rest. If you own a website with a lot of text, you should really take advantage of this great way of advertising!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Virtual Girls, Sexy Virtual, 3D Fantasy Models, Hot 3D Girls, Hot 3D Models, Sexy 3D Model, Sexiest Wallpapers

Virtual Girls, Sexy Virtual, 3D Fantasy Models, Hot 3D Girls, Hot 3D Models, Sexy 3D Model, Sexiest Wallpapers

It's all CLEAN and PG and you can get some great, sexy, hot merchandise too! We specialize in creating CLEAN, sexy, fun, 3D women content and merchandise. You can find sexy bikini girls, hot models, gorgeous women calendars and other sexy hot items at our online stores!

Are you tired of seeing really badly done 3D babes on the internet where bodies are not proportionate and their faces look like they were beaten with an ugly stick???

Here you'll get nothing but pure sexy hot eye candy for your viewing pleasure. You'll see plenty of gorgeous 3D women, beautiful faces in sexy costumes, exotic outfits, hot poses, super high heels, delicious lingerie, stockings, and much more! You'll see some of the hottest women ever!

Hottest 3D Women Ever at Picable! Vote For Your Favorite 3D Hottie Now!

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Create Your Own Gorgeous, Hot 3D Girls and Models!

Purchase - Poser Pro and create your own stunning hot models! Use them on your own desktops! Render them print sized for calendars and printable art and posters! The sky's the limit!!!

* Purchase them from here and we will teach you our tips and tricks on how to create them most amazing 3D women! Create, pose and animate your own sexy wallpapers and hot girls! Just take a look at our stuff! We know what gorgeous 3d models mean! Poser's interface is VERY easy to use even for a beginner.

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The Ultimate Money Making And Maximum Savings Tip Guide That WORK - Get Paid To

Deals, Coupons and Tips on getting Bing Cashback on any "But It Now" item on Ebay using Paypal! Get that Cash Back Discount!

Okay so you've seen it all. All those money making tips out there. Nothing seems to be working. You're getting desperate and want to see some of that extra little cash flow.

Well, I have some tips and different ways of thinking about things that may help you in your money making quest. The internet is a beautiful place to be yourself and almost say whatever you want. People are dying to find new fresh ideas and content. I am just your ordinary gal who got laid off one too many times and wanted to start her OWN thing. I started up to get my 3d skills up to date and people just love my 3D girls! But I thought to myself, what ELSE can I do with these girls??? Sell them on merchandise, sell them as print, sell them on t-shirts, use them on social networking profiles, make videos and animations for youtube, and much much more. Once you have an idea, stretch the heck out of it!!!

At this very moment I am saving you money! How? By picking a dark background so your monitor doesn't use up as much energy as it would with a pretty bright pink and red theme! You're welcome!!!


If you use and search for your item through their site you will get whatever % Bing cashback is offering at that time.

So instead of going directly to Ebay to find... say "baby toys" ...go ahead and try that... look at the results... nothing special right???

What you should really do is go to and do a very general search for "toys" When the results come up click on the EBAY LINK that says something like "You may get XX% off with PayPal if eligible."

When EBAY comes up you will see little dollar signs all over the search for "toys" Now you really want the results for "baby toys" not just "toys" so in the EBAY search now, you type in "baby toys" and the same page you searched before now has those dollar signs all over the place.

Voila! You get your discount! Sign up for a Bing cashback! It's free!


Get PAID to UPLOAD your HQ Photos!!! Make money when people download your photos!

From the ShutterStock site:

"We want your photos! Submit your photos to Shutterstock and get paid every time one of your photos is downloaded. Web designers, magazine editors, and other graphic artists purchase monthly subscriptions to Shutterstock to download photos from our site.

Shutterstock is different than other stock models. Buyers subscribe on a monthly basis and can download up to 750 images over the course of 30 days. Your cut? Shutterstock will pay you 25 cents every time one of your images is downloaded. Once you reach $500 in earnings, your commission goes up to 30 cents per download.

Our subscription model encourages buyers to download a greater volume of images than they would at most other agencies.

Current Payout $0.25 (US) per download. That means that at just 2000 downloads/month, you can earn $500 (US) per month! Many of our photographers earn this and more every month.

There are three ways to make money with this program: refer photographers, refer Stock Buyers (make 20% off their subscriptions), and submit photos for sale! Join this program for FREE now!"


Do you own a website of your own??? Why not make money with that website?

Use Infolinks and Google Adsense together and get paid to advertise! Add Text-Link-Ads to your site as well and you have THREE of the largest online affiliate advertising sites working with you!!!

Here's what Text-Link-Ads have to say!

"Make more money by selling text based ads. Join over 40,000 publishers monetizing their sites. Connect with our large and growing client base Maintain editorial control over ads placed on your site Get paid instantly on the 1st of each month with no fees"

Okay so you won't be making millions off this stuff I can tell you that right now. It's bascially nice extra pocket change for you that could pay about 3-4 of your montly bills maybe. You HAVE to work at getting quality traffic and that can be very time consuming. However, once you establish and build that traffic up, you then have the power to direct / steer them to any other site you want them to see.

Be patient. It takes time to do all of this, but in the end it'll be all worth it. Once you get enough traffic for yourself you can make money in your SLEEP!


Get 50% commission on sales at!


That's an easy cha-ching right into your paypal account every time someone signs up! As you can see, our hot virtual girls are the prettiest, most gorgeous models on the net! These sexy 3D women are for hire and ready to work for you!

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FREE Advertising for Yourself with Social Networking!!!

If you have decent content, whether photos or videos, or if you have interesting things to say, get on those social networking websites! From there you can always ADD a url or link back to your main site where you can sell things or just bring more traffic to your website! The more traffic to your website, the more popular it gets in search engine ranks. You'll also gain backlinks which are very important for the value of your website. If the value of your website goes up, people will PAY you to advertise their stuff on your website! My site WAS doing okay until the economy went to the dumps, but it's hanging on okay still!

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Free Stuff - Free Photo Edit / Retouch!!!

The BEST Online Professional Photo Editing Services for less!!!

These guys do AMAZING work with photos. I had so many of my portfolio pictures that needed a lot of work and they made me look like a total movie star! Not that my photos needed THAT much work, but they bascially made them look much more professional by digitally editing them! They can edit and manipulate just about anything you request! Check them out and tell them "Stacey Li" sent you! They will give you a freebie edit with one photo!!!

Professional Photo Editing Services



Join FLIXYA!!!

These guys PAY you for showing your stuff! It's so easy! It's just like YouTube, only these guys pay you money for posting! You know you have those silly home videos you want to show to the world!!!


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Romance & Sexuality - Keep The Fire Burning!

Romance & Sexuality - Keep The Fire Burning!

Are you having problems in your relationship? Marriage? ROMANCE is the KEY to a great healthy relationship between you and your partner. Sexy lingerie and romance isn't just for Valentine's Day or special occasions!

First off you MUST take care of yourself! Do not let your bodies go to crap on purpose or just because you are lazy! Men are visual creatures, that's just the way they are. There is nothing you can do about that. If you have nice clevage, they WILL look. If you have a nice body walking by, their eyes WILL follow. Right fellas? So while all eyes are on you, keep that in mind the next time you reach for that tub of ice cream!

Take Care of Yourself Physically!

Take care of your feet especially if you wear open-toed shoes! Men love nice pedicures. Pretty feet will get you far in this world. I do my own pedicures. It's really not that difficult. You just have to use long lasting, tough nail polish to keep those toes nice and sparkly!

Lingerie Is Not Only For Supermodels!

Lingerie is an excellent tool that will help in increasing romance almost 100%. Show me one guy out there who wouldn't look twice or have his general salute to a gorgeous woman in a tight, form fitting, silk / lace bustier ensamble with a garter belt, fishnet stockings, and 6" high heels.

Okay so most of us do not have supermodel, ripped bodies, right? That's perfectly okay. You don't need tight fitting lingerie to get your man to notice you! There are plenty of sexy lingerie ensambles that would fit most of our body types. There's also hidden body cinchers and body shaping underwear that you can wear right under your sexy lingerie as well! It may sound a bit strange to be wearing body shapers under your sexy lingerie, but it's all about the "packaging!" Take this backside shot of me. I am wearing body shapers that make it look like I have a supermodel body, but in reality, I have the normal American female body with a little flab of course. But with the help of some sexy lingerie, I have that supermodel body that I always wanted!

Put a person in front of a whole pile of Christmas presents that are all alike with no special wrapping. Now stick maybe one or two gifts within that pile that have a special pretty looking wrapping on it. What do you think the person will do? Of course they would open the prettiest looking gift wrapped gift because it stands out! For the most part, people like looking at nice / attractive looking things!

Sexy Black Window Image - Power & Sensuality

BLACK IS KEY. Black color on people is naturally slimming to the eyes. Everything looks more skiny and more slim in black lingerie. Yes, of course, many of you are saying, "But this is not really me, once my man sees how I really look, he's going to run away!" The important thing to remember is guys are like machines, once you turn them on they will keep on going until you turn them off. Romance and sexy lingerie is like a the "on switch" for men. It lights them up, starts them going, then it's up to you to finish him off. It teases them and makes it even more intense for both parties! The fire becomes and inferno and from there you will see a whole new world!

Sexy Super High Heels

There's something about sexy high heels that drive men wild, especially the sound of sexy high heels echoing through a hallway or room. Try an experiment one day and take notice of how many heads you can turn with just wearing nice high heels. The mere sound of heels will turn most men's heads! I guaruntee it! Go out and try it! Isn't that right, men?

Sexy Stockings

Stockings, nylons, and panyhose always add a little spice to every situation. They add so much just to business attire alone! With lingerie it just completes the entire ensamble. Lingerie for the legs is very cheap and you have a lot of variation from fishnet to fully fashioned stockings. Back seemed stockings are very sexy on any type of legs. Fully fashioned stockings are perfect for that pinup girl type look and everyone loves a hot pin-up girl!

Sexy Things That You Should To Get!

Get Silky Smooth Satin Sheets

Silky smooth satin sheets will also drive most men absolutely insane! It's so soft, smooth and silky that you can easily play slip and slide on the bed. It's a very fun material to roll around on. It's very cool to the touch so when things get a little steamy, just roll onto the cool side of the bed! Bridal satin is the smoothest, toughest type of satin you can get. Knit satin is not as nice to the touch and doesn't look as pretty but it's cheaper. For the best satin feel, take a nice hot shower, clean all the oils off your body, then dry yourself throughly and dive right into your satin covered bed. It's absolutely devine!

Satin sheets and conforters are pricey but well worth it. If you love to sleep and love your bed, treat yourself to this devine material. It makes you feel like a god! You'll be surrounded in pure silky smooth satin and will not want to ever get out of bed! I purchased my bridal satin comforters from these guys. Trust me, it's so worth the money. The satin quality that they have is supreme!

Wear Exotic Costumes

Costumes in the bedroom can also add a lot romance and fire! Even the show "Friends" had an episode of Racheal in a Princess Leia outfit that was Ross's ultimate dream! An adult female in a school girl outfit, a sexy nurse outfit or french maid outfit seems to be a very popular choices.

Purchase Sexy Lingerie For Yourself Or Your Loved One!!!

Find the sexiest lingerie right here! Get the sexiest women apparel you've ever seen! Everyone loves Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie! They have some of the BEST, most gorgeous lingerie for women! Your mate will absolutely love you for it!

Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.

Flirt Catalog 300x250

create & buy custom products at Zazzle

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Ebay Profit Junkie

Ebay saved me when I was unemployed!!!

Yes it sure did! As a matter of fact, Ebaying became a fulltime job for me at one time! I sold everything and anything I could find. Old clothes, dirty underwear (hehe just kidding)... you name it... people bought it! It's amazing what you could sell on ebay if you just took the time to make the auction pages look "PRETTY"

Pages MUST look nice. I did a test with two of the same products and created two separate auctions for them. One auction page was very nicely done and one was just thrown together and looked BLAH. The nice looking auction piece sold for $30.00 more than other one and they were both the same product!!!

A GOOD description is KEY in all of this as well. A nice long description with good keywords will come up in people's searches more than the one with a few words and no picture. Pictures attract people. YOU NEED to have good shots of your product even if it's a piece of doo doo. I have sold everything from old panties to old high school books on ebay. Most people would not have the patience to put anything up on ebay and think it's a huge hassle. Well better for me because instead of them tossing it, I get to take and sell it to make the profit! YAY ^_^

I have different ways of selling on ebay. Sometimes I rather put my product at a really high price with an OBO in the description and I'll take the highest offers. Sometimes I rather wait for the entire auction to end. For instance, like tech / computer / geek gadgets, I get better results when I leave the auction to end on it's own. For items like bulk old clothes or something like that, I will take the highest offer and end early if it sounds decent.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sexy Stacey Li's Geeky Side!

Hello! My name is Stacey. This is my total NERD blog where I get completely geeky and nerdy to show you that geeky girls can be sexy too! I want to make this blog a total resource site of tips and tricks but also make it FUN! Enjoy your stay! By the time you leave this site, I am hoping you will learn something NEW!

So who the heck is this anywayz... you're probably asking yourself right now.... Well, I wasn't always this way. Yes, I was one of those girls tossed aside in elementary school because I had the full braces and headgear on. I was never bitter about it because in the end it all worked out. I have my beautiful teeth to thank me for landing my first modelling job and a big shout out goes to my parents for investing in my teeth back then!

Now, I am a professional model half the time and a geek the other half of the time. I am a TOTAL geek. Believe it or not I bet I know more about computers than most women out there!

- I worked at Google once as a data center technician so watch out boys! Hehe ^_^

- I have made and setup home networks for my family and friends.

- I can even install and setup Windows and Unix and Linux operating systems... thanks to Google!

- I have built servers for my friends who use them for render farms for their 3D animation work.

- I repair and troubleshoot PCs on a daily basis. I know both hardware and software.

- I can create basic websites and sexy video blogs where people can post their sexy videos and free movies.

- I film weddings and make music wedding DVDs for people.

- I can do photo touch-ups and manipulations like cutting / painting people out of digital photos.

- I know 3D animation. I can 3D model as well.

- I play games and love playing Command & Conquer with my two brothers! I usally kick their butts too! Muahahah *evil laugh*

AND A LOT of that stuff I learned from my new FRIENDS from networking all these years! My two older brothers are only good for playing videos games with and that's about it!

I'm also a master in SEDUCTION. Check out my sexy lingerie posts if you need help picking the right stuff for those really special intimate occasions! I will help YOU pick the perfect lingerie ensemble!

Looking to make extra money on the side without having to do much? No it's not a scam! You just have to have your own website but be smart about getting free advertising on all the social networking sites! Look for my post on that subject!

What do I do for FUN? By night, I am a hooker... hahaha just kidding! Heck NO honey, I'm am an angel... a devout catholic girl. ^_^ When the weekends hit I do enjoy partying my butt off though... partying in a CLEAN way! Get your minds out of the gutter! I like gogo dancing in cages at the local clubs but that's about it. It's so fun to get to dance and at the same time have a nice workout and meet new people. WOW what a life I live. I love it. One of my many dreams is to open up a club of my very own! Any club owners out there wanna send me some tips?

Internet Junkie

I have been a total online junkie since the good old 2000 days when everyone was making such GREAT money doing virtually nothing. Gooosh, I really miss those days. Techies were hit HARD after the 2000 plummet of stocks and the economy. I remained focused and learn the ways of the GEEK so that I would NEVER have to depend on a guy to help me in this area! ^_^ Now I have become an internet friend pimp and networker. I use FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, FRIENDSTER, YOUTUBE, VIDILIFE, FLICKR, ZORPIA, IMAGESHACK, VSOCIAL... you name it, I am on all the social networking sites and blog sites. Google me and you will see! I will show you and explain all the trips, tricks and tools to make as many friends online and use it to your advantage!!!

Using my mad networking skills, I have made many GREAT friends and learned SO much from all my new friends. Networking these days is the WAY to go and I'm here to help you do that as well! The more people you know the better your chances of landing your dream job or meeting that dream guy/gal you've been looking for all your life! Get your name out there! I have been on A LOT of the internet dating sites as well and I can tell you from experience that there are a few of them that REALLY work well with what you are looking for!

AND if you're looking for more FREE WEBTRAFFIC, I found the BEST, EASIEST, NO HASSLE, AND BEST OF ALL, COMPLETELY FREE SOLUTION for YOU! CHECK OUT MY Friend's WEB TRAFFIC PAGES. Absolutely do not use these with Google stuff! I use them on my other sites that do NOT have google ads anywhere.

Oh and if you're looking for a GOOD, CHEAP and RELIABLE webhosting solution... is the BEST! Just do a google search on them and you'll see a lot of happy people. I have been with them for 6 years with no problems and this is my third domain I have opened up just recently with them.

I ALSO have a $20.00 OFF promo code for all of you that may be interested! DH20OFFPROMO just copy and paste it into the promo code box when you sign up and you will receive $20.00 any of their plans! Why? Because they love me and I have three domains with them... hehe ^_^